Preserving our needlework heritage

Rugs and cushions

Sweet blooms cushion

A challenge to stitch with all its color changes and detailed flowers, the finished embroidery will do merit to the patient needle worker.

This cushion cover would look lovely stitched in tent stitch on canvas, with either a dark or light colored background- Try black, or off-white???

Design area: 183 x 183 stitches
If stitched on 28 ct linen/ 14 ct aida the pattern will measure :  13,07" x 13,07" / 33 x 33 cm

Price: 4.00 $

Flower rug

Pretty pattern charted from an original hand painted chart.


Design area: 10,14" x 10,14" (142 x 142 stitches)

Price: 2.00 $

Red and pink roses

Rose panel which would make an attractive cushion cover.

From an original hand painted chart.

Design area: 125 x 76 stitches

22,7 x 13,8 cm on 14 ct

Price: 3.00 $

Roses and ribbons

Adapted from an original hand painted chart.


Could be used as a small carpet, cushion cover, doily, center embroidery for a large tablecloth, etc...


Stitch it with, or without the original brown background.

Design area: 149 x 97 stitches

27 x 17,6 cm on 14 ct


Price: 4.00 $

Hertz & Wegener 1

These two patterns are re-charted from antique hand painted, Berlin woolwork patterns.

These geometrical patterns are perfect for upholstery covers, or cushions.

Price: 2.00 $

Hertz & Wegener 2

Borders and more re-charted from hand painted antique German patterns.

Price: 2.00 $

Hertz & Wegener 3

These woodland, ivy, leafy patterns are re-charted from a collection of antique hand painted, Berlin woolwork patterns.

Design area:  57 stitches high.
4,07”, or 10,34 cm high if stitched on 14 ct aida/28 ct linen.

Price: 2.00 $

Pansies- Round cushion

Round panel with pansies, from an old lithograph. The original had the colours all overlapped, so I tried my best to make sense of the chart and still keep true to it's original colours, and style. 


Would make a a very beautiful cushion.


Design area:  196 x 196 stitches

                         35,6 x 35,6 cm on 14 ct

Price: 3.50 $

Floral cushion

Re-charted from an original hand painted chart.

Could be done on cream linen, with cross stitch. Or on canvas, with wool in tent stitch with a background filling in black, or white. 


    14 ct, 40 x 40 cm

    221 x 221 stitches

Price: 3.00 $

Red leaves cushion

Floral cushion panel from a hand painted original.

Bold colors ! Would look stunning in wool on canvas, with a black background fill.  


Design area: 197 x 193 sitches

Price: 3.00 $

2x small rugs

Two charts that can be used for miniature rugs in a doll house, or cushions.


The oval pattern was an old print, the rectangular one was hand painted.


Design area: 159 x 91 stitches

                          170 x 100 stitches

Price: 3.00 $