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Free cross stitch patterns

Many of our older patterns are now available for free.

Go to a section and scroll to the bottom of the page to see which ones have been released as free downloads.

Muller 312

This charming floral design is charted from a hand drawn pattern.


Free download: Muller312







This little pattern is charted from an antique bookmark. The anchor was stitched in cross stitch on punched paper, then sewed on a ribbon.

In the Victorian era, an anchor was a symbol of hope and was often paired with a heart, and cross to symbolize: Faith, Hope, Love.

Free download:Anchor

Sleep well dear guest

This pattern is a replica of a vintage cross-stitched poem, the embroidery is quite large and was at one time framed.

The original was stitched on loose evenweave, and features a poem written by Ellen Maria Huntington Gates (1835 –1920).

Free download: Sleep well  dear guest


Stitch this sweet little rose needleroll, the pattern is free and there is a tutorial with

photos on the blog:

Free download: Needleroll

Tough times...

March 2020 - The worldwide Corona virus pandemic is forcing us all indoors, with many sick and quarantined we do what we can to wash our hands and keep our distance, nevertheless we also worry for our loved ones and the long-term consequences of this crisis…

It is good to remember that the human race is tough, we have survived natural disasters, wars, famines, sicknesses, we are strong and resilient!

Design Area: 88 x 53 stitches

If stitched on 28 ct linen/ 14 ct aida: 6,28" x 3,78" / 16 x 9,6 cm

Free download: Tough times

One cat....

This pattern features a quotation from Hemingway, and original art work by Laura Martin.

Design Area: (118 x 97 stitches)

8,4 ' x 6,9 ', or 21,4 x 17, 6 cm on 14 ct aida or 28 ct linen.

Free download: One cat...

Tønsberg tower

This cross stitch pattern features the Tønsberg tower which was raised in 1888, as a memorial to the original fortress build in the 13 th century by king Haakon Haakonson.

Tønsberg dates back to 871 AD, and believed to be the oldest Norwegian town. Once it was an important trading center, harbor and the place where kings were proclaimed.

A perfect little project to stitch and frame as a souvenir of a visit to Tønsberg, or a wonderful gift for a friend or relative who comes from/ or adores Norway.

Cross stitch, half cross stitch and backstitch.

Design Area: 80 x 91 stitches

If stitched on 28 ct linen/ 14 ct aida the pattern will measure :

5,71" x 6,50" / 14.5 x 16.3 cm

Download: Tønsberg tower

Small rose

A pretty rose for you to stitch.

Download: Small rose

"I love cats" - Bookmark

This cute little bookmark is a great way to use up those leftover bits of linen or aida.

The pattern is also adaptable for filet crochet, by leaving ‘blank’ the blue spaces.

Bookmarks: 82 x 27 stitches

If stitched on 28 ct linen/ 14 ct aida the pattern will measure :

5,8" x 1,9" / 14,8 x 4,9 cm

Download: I love cats - Bookmark

Easter lamb

A sweet little lamb, and clover border.

Download: Easter lamb.pdf

Sajou pansies

Free chart re-charted from an original hand painted Sajou pattern.

Download : sajou pansies.pdf

Free sampler

Free band sampler.

Download : Free sampler.pdf

See photos of the sampler here : Photo galery

Cross stitch for children

Free cross stitch patterns for children (or new beginners)

Instructions for teachers/parents:

Cross stitch for children. Instructions.pdf

Cross stitch set 1 - Easy:

Cross stitch pattern for children. Easy 1.pdf

Nannette's sampler

Folk style American sampler.

The original stitched sampler belongs to a kind lady called Nannette, who agreed to share the re-charted pattern with all of us.

Download : Nannette's sampler.pdf

17th of May, Norwegian flag

Different easy stitch Norwegian flag cross stitch motif, each little flag will only take about 1 hour to stitch.

Perfect for cards, place cards, plastic canvas brooches, knitted ornaments, HAMA beads, etc...

Download : Norwegian flag_page01.png

'La lykken gro som gresset bak do!’

This pattern features a fun, typical Norwegian saying.

‘La lykken gro som gresset bak do!’

For the non-Norwegian speakers, the saying directly translates as:

‘ Let happiness grow like grass behind the toilet’

Here it makes reference to the outdoor latrines many Norwegians are still familiar with since many keep a family 'hytte' ( cabin ) in the mountains for skiing holidays, or to get away from their busy lives and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Download: La lykken gro

Tudor rose

A sweet little rose for filet crochet, intarsia knitting, cross stitch, etc....

Download : Tudor rose.pdf

Tiny motifs

A small collection of monochrome patterns perfect for cross stitch, bead work and filet crochet.

Download : Tiny motifs.pdf

Cross and roses

Little cross and roses pattern is inspired from an antique bookmark.

The original was stitched in half cross stitch on stitching paper.

Download:Cross bookmark.pdf

A little rose

Little rose for filet crochet, cross stitch.

Download : A little rose.pdf

The hunter

A classic theme - The hunter, and deer.

Perfect for cross stitch, and filet crochet.

Download : Hunter.pdf

Victorian card

A sweet little card for you to stitch.

Download : Victorian card.pdf

Russian eagle

The Russian coat of arm.

Download : Double headed eagle.pdf

I don't do mornings

A cute little lazy kitty for you to stitch + a little wise word sampler.

Download : I don't do mornings.pdf

Autism awareness ribbon

Use this chart to make cards, bookmarks, pin cushions etc...

Download :Autism awarness.pdf 

Cross stitch envelope

Pattern for a floral envelope, the flowers are from an old hand painted berlin woolwork chart.

Download :Envelope.pdf

Valentine 2009

Make a valentine card from an original hand painted Berlin woolwork chart

Download :Valentine 2009.pdf

Berlin woolwork

Little sampler composed from fragments of hand painted Berlin woolwork charts.

( Circa 1850-1860 )

Download :parrot and border.pdf

Beautiful crochet rose tutorial

These roses are really easy to make, a wonderful way to use up leftover yarn.

Download :rose tutorial.pdf

Autism awareness pamphlet

As a mother of 2 children with autism it is often tiresome to have to give the full explanatory speech to everyone you meet. So I put together some basic information into an A4 size pamphlet that can be printed and given away to people we meet.

You are welcome to print it, add your favorite website link, or personalise it as needed.

If you have any comments, suggestions or would like to translate it, just contact me.

Download in English : Autism awareness pamphlet.pdf

Download in French : L'autisme.pdf

Hardanger centerpiece from 1909

Hardanger doily from the 1909, April edition of " The modern Priscilla "

Download :Hardanger centerpiece.pdf

French calendar

This pattern was re-charted from an old French lacis book.

It's perfect for cross stitch, bead, tapestry or filet crochet.

Download : calendrier.pdf

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