Preserving our needlework heritage

Welcome to Roland-designs


Roland-designs was founded in September 2008 with the vision of offering quality reproduction of antique needlework designs.

We are  committed to preserving our needlework heritage by making faithful replicas of antique patterns, and samplers.

At Roland-designs we only work from antique, and vintage sources we actually own. And though these patterns are in the public domain, our personal re-charting, and varied use of them are our property.

These patterns are for your personal use only, they cannot be shared, re-distributed, or published without prior permission.


The patterns


If you order one or more of my patterns, what you receive is a PDF file sent directly to your email. Please note I live in Norway, so take into consideration the time difference.

The full collection, including older charts, and freebies are available on this site. Many patterns are also found on ETSY as instant downloads :

If you want a sample of the quality of the files, just download one of my free patterns in the free chart section : Free patterns


Here is an example of how the pattern will look after being re-charted.

Original hand painted, antique chart on the right, and the digitalized patterns on the left. In black and white, and color with symbols.


New pattern

June 2024


Available on ETSY: