Gifts from our past


Siegerin was a German margarine brand, they boasted it ‘helped housewives save’, ‘gave fine sauces’ and tasted ‘splendid / excellent’.

I haven’t been able to find any specific information about the factory apart that they were in operation in the 1910’s.

Like many companies of the time, they produced series of collectable stamps for advertisement.

Here is a small collection of x4 counted patterns from a very delicate little booklet which I presume must have been a promotional free gift.

Design Area: 51 x 73 stitches

If stitched on 28 ct linen/ 14 ct aida the pattern will measure:

5,21" x 3,64" / 13,2 x 9,2 cm

La Mode Illustrée 8 March 1868

Re-charted from a French ladies magazine dated the 8th of march 1868, this small collection of designs include a pretty posy of Angel’s trumpets and the pattern for a large, colorful cross.

The cross would have been stitched in needlepoint for a chasuble, while the flowers were meant to decorate a table top screen.

Design Area Angel’s trumpet:

If stitched on 28 ct linen/ 14 ct aida the pattern will measure : 5,7 " x 5,7 " / 14,5 x 14,5 cm

Design Area Cross:

If stitched on 28 ct linen/ 14 ct aida the pattern will measure : 19,07" x 30,07" / 48,5 x 86,5 cm

La Mode Illustrée 11 October 1868

A lovely collection of counted designs in bold and gaudy colors, so reminiscent of the taste and fashion of the time.

These are re-charted from a French ladies magazine dated the 11th of October, 1868.

Patterns such as these would have been used to decorate household items, curtain pelmets, cushions, or to create gifts and other small items.

These designs are perfect for all manner of counted work. Cross stitch, beadwork, tapestry, spot samplers, mosaics etc….

The colors are the ones suggested in the original pattern.

Goeggingen 5, 10, 13

Delightful repetitive designs re-charted from antique 1904 needlework patterns, courtesy of the then German thread factory "Zwirnerei und Nähfadenfabrik Göggingen AG"

The three designs are from leaflet 5, 10 and 1

Alpursa box

Stitch and assemble a charming little box adapted from a century old pattern. Alpursa chocolate vignettes serie 59.

Typical for the time period the pattern was given with little instruction, I’ve charted it for you making sure all the pieces fit, and align… but how you will bring together is up to your imagination and skill.

Approximate size if stitches on 14 ct aida/plastic canvas:

Width 7,1’’ / 18,3 cm

Depth 4,6’’/ 12 cm

Height 6,7’’/ 17,2 cm

The soldier

This pattern is re-charted from a set of old Alpursa chocolate vignettes, they depict the soldiers’ life as he goes off to war, visits his family when on leave, gets wounded, victorious, then the return home.

This pattern uses whole cross stitch, half cross stitch, and backstitch.

Design Area: (95 x 63 stitches)

6,79" x 4,50" / 17,2 x 11,3 cm on 28 ct linen.

Flower basket

Pretty little embroidery, or filet crochet pattern, and bonus geometrical tile chart.

Re-charted from an antique newspaper clipping in my collection dating from the late 1800's.

Design Area: (87 x 127 stitches)

6,21" x 9,07" / 15,7 x 23 cm on 14 ct aida / 28 ct linen

La fleur-de-lys

A little collection of Fleur-de-lys ( or French lily ), two cushion idea, and some black and white motifs to be used for cards, borders, corners, ornaments etc..

Geometric patterns

A collection of geometric patterns that can be used for borders, backgrounds for Berlin woolwork embroidery, cross stitch, etc.... ( 5 plates, one is not shown )

Little purses

A selection of patterns for purses and wallets. Charted from old lithographs.

Stitch them in cross stitch, in tent stitch with wool on canvas, with beads, silk etc... In any color combination you like.

Cushion panel 1889

Cushion panel from the year 1889, taken from : La Mode Illustrée

In the original instructions they said to do in cross stitch, or Gobelin stitch on large canvas (11 ct ). Frame it in soft fabric (velvet), then proceed to make into a cushion cover.

Design area:

125 x 137 stitches

22,7 x 25 cm on 14 ct

Floral panels 1889

Two floral panels, from the French magazine : La Mode Illustrée1889

These charts can be used to make wonderful cushions, or doilies.

Square :

119 x 119 stitches

21,6 x 21,6 cm on 14 ct

Rectangle :

184 x 134 stitches

33,4 x 23,4 cm on 14 ct

Tiny bloom runner

Two matching charts. Adapted from an old French magazine clipping, late 1800's.

Oval runner 178 x 82 stitches

32,3 x 14, 9 cm on 28 ct linen

Square doily 126 x 122 stitches

22,9 x 22,1 cm on 28 ct linen

Free download: Tiny bloom runner

Blue flower runner

Charted from a very old French magazine clipping collection (Dates were from 1886-1893 )  

 156 x 230 stitches                                 

 28,3 x 41,7 cm on 14 ct

Free download: Blue flower runner