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Pastoral is a classic, romantic picture of rural idyll. A small country church, a pond, green trees, and a beautiful blue sky. The countryside scene is framed by an elaborate design of intertwined roses and blooms, a style so popular at the time, and which would have been stitched in bold, bright colors.

This is a charming, counted pattern that would make a lovely framed picture, or cushion cover, depending on whether it is worked in wool on canvas, or cotton on linen/aida.

Design Area: 240 x 81 stitches

If stitched on 28ct linen/ 14ct aida the pattern will measure:

17,14" x 5,79" / 43,5 x 14,7 cm


A little collection of crowns, all from an original hand painted chart signed - A Todt in Berlin.

Price: 2.00 $

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