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Filet crochet instructions

Many cross stitch or other counted pattern can be  used for filet crochet.

See section : Monochrome patterns 

The size of the finished project depends a lot on  the crochet hook, the thread you will use, and your own crochet/tension style. My best advice is to try out a 10 x 10 square piece and measure  it, then times it by the size of the chart. This will give you an estimate of the finished size, and do remember that a filet crochet block is more rectangular than square.

A  little word of advice. When making a large item, like for example a table cloth, make sure you buy a brand of yarn that is easily available. I have sadly learned that lesson the hard way by one time starting on a large table runner, with cotton yarn bought from a bargain bin. Sure enough I needed more and the shop was completely out ! It was a leftover sale, and would not be available again, that project was never finished.......

Getting started

Filet crochet is quite simply a mesh( filet ) made in crochet, consisting of open and filled blocks.

For basic filet crochet all you need to know is how to make a ch (chain), and dc ( double crochet )
Each open space is made of 1dc, 2ch, 1dc
Each filled space is made of 4 dc

Here is the  link to a wonderful post with all the photos and instructions needed for getting started:

How to find the count for the starting chain of a filet crochet chart.

1. Count the numbers of squares on the row you wish to start from.

2. Multiply by 3, add 1

3. If the starting square is an open square, chain 5 ( counts as the first double crochet, and the chain of the first open mesh )

4. If the first square is a solid mesh , chain 3 ( counts as the first double crochet )


For example the little MOM bookmark has 9 squares on the smallest side.


Multiply by 3, add 1. That would mean the starting chain would be 28 ch ( chain ).

Free pattern

 Small bookmark made with a size 0.60 hook, and thread thin mercerised cotton.


Free Download for two bookmarks :Filet bookmarks.pdf

Here you can see a filet crochet tablecloth made from the pattern 'The boar hunt'