Preserving our needlework heritage


Spring bell pull

Roses, forget-me-nots, and Lilies of the valley are interwoven with their own foliage to create an attractive Victorian era needlework pattern.

This gorgeous antique Berlin wool work replica is suitable for a bell pull, pelmet, curtain ties, table runner, and all manner of counted work.

Design Area: 60 stitches high

If stitched on 28 ct linen/ 14 ct aida the pattern will measure in height: 4,2 " / 10,8 cm

Price: 4.00 $

Floral bands

 Two lovely floral bands, perfect for adding to a sampler, or as decorative border for linens, towels.

The flowers are so sweet you could even stitch just one at a time on leftover aida/linen to create cards, or for a spot sampler.
Both bands are a replica of fragments from original hand painted antique embroidery patterns.
Both roses and fuchsias bands are 25 stitches high, the length is adjustable.

Design Area: 25 stitches high.

If stitched on 28 ct linen/ 14 ct aida the pattern will measure in height : 1,78" / 4,5 cm

Price: 3.50 $

Sajou runner

Impressive repetitive pattern, perfect for a bell pull, runner, long cushion in needlepoint, piano scarf, pelmet, etc….

81 stitches wide . If stitched on 28 ct linen/ 14 ct aida the pattern will measure in width : 5,79" / 14,7 cm

Price: 2.50 $


This border was designed to go with the pattern Fruits and Florals, but can also be used on it's own as a frame for other projects.

Design Area: (265 x 191 stitches)
18,93" x 13,64 / 48 x 34,5 cm on 14 ct aida / 28 ct linen

Price: 2.00 $

Sajou rose panel 1

Recharted from an antique French Sajou hand painted chart.

Perfect for a border, panel, or Victorian style curtain pelmet ( valance )

Design Area : 93 stitches high
                         6,3 inches / 16,8 cm high on 14 ct aida ( 28 ct linen )

Price: 3.50 $

Rose panel 2


A pretty pattern charted from an original hand painted French pattern ( Sajou )

Design Area:  49 stitches high

                             3,5 in / 8,9 cm on 14 ct aida / 28 ct linen

Price: 2.50 $

Viennese pelmet

This pattern is re-charted from an original hand painted chart, Viennese pelmet is perfect for borders, pelmets (valance ), or runner.

The colors scheme is relatively simple with the main ribbon using only 4 shades of blue, so it is easy to change the colors to suit your own décor/taste.

    The chart is signed at the bottom left hand side:
    Wien bey A Patermo am nueuen Marckt n. 1064

    Design Area: 70 stitches high.

    5 inches ( 12,7 cm ) on 14 ct aida/28 ct linen

Price: 3.00 $

Rue Laffitte nr 25

Re-charted from an antique French, hand painted chart dated 1851.

Price: 3.00 $

Amazing borders 1


A collection of borders, and frames recharted from an old hand painted charts, and antique cross stitch leaflets.

 The colors are just a suggestions, you can use these patterns to decorate pillows, throws, pictures, etc.....

Price: 4.00 $

Amazing borders 2

More beautiful borders.....

Price: 4.00 $

Sajou bellpull

Bellpull, or border pattern from a hand painted original sajou pattern. 1844

Price: 2.00 $

Tartan rose

Re-charted from a hand painted chart, presumed a supplement to a magazine.

Signed Stickeri journal 1857   

Repetitive rose border, with a tartan  border.

Price: 2.00 $

Les fleurs des champs

Beautiful embroidery pattern recharted from an antique hand painted Sajou chart.

Design Area: 2,93" x 9,86" (41 x 138 stitches)

Price: 4.00 $


Beautiful Berlin wool work panel, perfect for a pelmet.

Design Area: 24,43" x 9,43" (342 x 132 stitches)

Price: 4.00 $

True blue

Beautiful embroidery pattern recharted from an antique hand painted chart in my collection.

Design Area: (255 x 255 stitches)
18,21" x 18,21", or 46,2 x 46,2 cm on 14 ct aida, or linen.

Price: 3.00 $


Recharted from two old hand painted chart. Would make beautiful bellpulls, or borders.

The single poppy border is 41 stitches high, or 7.4 cm on 14 ct

The  border with multiple flowers is 60 stitches high, or 11 cm on 14 ct

Price: 2.50 $

Floral border

Poppies, carnations and dahlias border.

Could be used as a bell pull, but can also be lengthened by adding the pattern side by side (the two ends meet).

Chart signed M.Levy in Berlin ( Were publishing from 1815-1848 )


Design area:  261 x 62 stitches

      47,4 x 11,2  cm on 14 ct


 Free download: Floral border

Iris and thistles borders

 This chart has two borders, that can be used for a variety of projects. Table runners, pillows etc...The original hand painted pattern was in very bad condition, stained, and broken. ( Has stamps of awards from the 1870's  )

Free download: Iris and thistles borders