Preserving our needlework heritage

About us

Hi ! My name is Virginie Lykins, I am French. My husband and I share a passion for antiques, and classic books, we live in Norway, and are the proud parents to four beautiful children - Roland, Alain, Emilie and Rosaline.

 I'm  a cross stitch, crochet enthusiast, and collector of needlework patterns, books, samplers,  and all things Victorian.

 Roland-Designs was founded in September 2008, and named after our first son - Roland.

 Roland and his brother Alain have autism, which makes them all the more dear to us.

Our family, December 2019

Laura Martin

Laura Martin is my youngest sister and one of the first person I turn to for counsel and advice in regard to Roland-designs, through the years she has contributed some original patterns, and graphic work.
 Laura is an independent art student.

Didier Martin

My  father Didier Martin is a talented artist and papermodels designer, he has provided some artwork, graphic designs, and inspiration for Roland-designs.