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Elga's needlework designs

I love antique furniture and embroidery. 21 years ago I discovered miniatures and for the last ten years I have combined my woodworking and embroidery skills to acurately reproduce antique furniture in 1/12 scale. Many of them are upholstered with petitpoint that I chart from original antique needlework. I have decided that it is time to share my charts with stitchers that love historical needlework.

I have a Facebook page  called Elga Needlework Design Stitch Along where you can post photos and ask questions if you need help.


This page is under construction.

If you would like to order a pattern, you can pay directly via paypal or contact Elga Koster through facebook, or email.

[email protected]

Victorian flower posy

This is a beautiful Victorian flower chart with roses and forget-me-nots surrounded with a golden border. I stitched it twice with Tire silk thread on 54 count silk gauze as inserts in the lids of miniature teapoys that I made a few years ago. It will look beautiful in a dollhouse as a cushion, footstool cover or even framed on a wall.

On Aida fabric it can be used for a greeting card insert, needlebook cover or bookmark. Enjoy stitching this little piece.

Stitch count is 62 wide by 42 high, you will find both DMC colours and Tire silk colours on the colour key.

Price $5

Victorian Oval Flower Wreath PDF Chart

I re-charted this beautiful flower wreath from an old Victorian chart. I stitched it on 66 count silk gauze with #50 Tire silk thread and want to use mine as an insert in the lid of a miniature teapoy. Back in the 1800’s tea was rare and expensive and locked up in either a teapoy that was a stand alone furniture piece or in a tea caddy. This pattern will be suitable for many items in a dollhouse like footstools or framed as a picture on a wall. I added 3 rows of background all around that increased the stitch count to 76 by 56.

A friend stitched it on 14 count Aida with DMC cotton floss, the pattern will be suitable for full scale items like a birthday card insert, a needlebook, bookmark etc.

The stitch count is 70 wide by 50 high. Finished sizes are given in the PDF for 40, 48, 54 60 and 66 count silk gauze as well as 14, 16 and 28 count Aida fabric.

Price $5

18th century flower posy pattern

This chart is based on an original needlepoint embroidered piece dating back to the 18th century. The original needlepoint was used to upholster a footstool. My miniature version was stitched on 72 count silk gauze with Pipers silk floss and used as an insert for the screen of a dollhouse 1/12 scale sewing/writing table that was an essential item of furniture in when ladies spend a lot of time stitching in the 18th and 19th centuries, actually I wouldn’t mind having a full scale sewing table, they are so beautiful. This design can be stitched in miniature for all kinds of uses in a dollhouse setting.

Please note that the DMC colour numbers are not always exact matches, so if you plan to stitch it with another silk thread I would advice that you choose colours that looks good together.

Stitch Count: 87 wide by 122 high

Price $14